Increase Productivity by Motivating Employees

Motivate Employees

Your store’s greatest asset are the employees. Happy employees are 12% more productive according to a study by the United Kingdom’s Warwick University. By investing in your sales force and their education you are increasing productivity, boosting efficiency, and creating a better overall customer experience. Here are 3 effective ways to motivate employees.


It doesn’t take a lot to motivate employees. Most employees want to be recognized for their hard work. Here at Navaco, we use our American Express reward points to get each employee a $50 gift card every so often. Set goals and challenge employees to outperform them. You could set a sales goal that when it’s exceeded you’ll buy lunch for the team that Friday. Simple incentives like these help create a team atmosphere and push productivity. Other incentives could be a few extra hours to sleep in one day or allow an employee to choose their schedule for a week. When I worked in San Diego these were incentives they used to continuously motivate employees to stay on track and meet goals.  

Friendly Competiton

I have never met anyone that didn’t enjoy working in a fun atmosphere. If I had I would question why they were on my team. Having a little bit of fun can ease the stress and anxiety workers face. Creating friendly competition between sales associates can help motivate each other and reach goals. Hewlett-Packard uses a FantasySalesTeam model to award “points” to employees based on performance. It’s like Fantasy Football but for sales. It creates team bonding and friendly competition. When anything becomes competitive allow employees to opt-in rather than have to opt-out. Some personalities feed off the competitive nature of others while some prefer to leave competition out of it all together. In other words, don’t force employees to have to say “no, I don’t want to be involved” and rather have them sign-up for competitive incentives. 

how to motivate employees

Career Advancement 

Extra training, seminars, courses, and certificates can help motivate employees as well. Providing education and career advancement opportunities is a long-term investment that will pay back double. Walmart recently invested in their employees’ careers with new training centers and increased wages. Their first quarter after implementing the training Walmart saw a $5 billion increase in revenue. This creates a sort of symbiotic relationship. You help your employees get the training and education they want and you, in turn, have gained a motivated and trusted face for your business. When your associates feel accomplished and trusted it shows through to the consumer. 


Motivated employees are your greatest asset. Show you appreciate their hard work and you’ll be sure to see an increase in productivity. Incentives are a great start to boost productive. For a more long-term boost, invest in your employee’ career and education. Comment below some of the ways you boost motivation!



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