Creative and Effective In-store Displays

We have some amazing accounts that create compelling store displays for our products. Whether it be Stacy Adams, Blu Martini, or Falcone. We love seeing pictures from them showing how they styled the goods or focused on a specific detail. After looking through them we wanted to follow their leads and point out a few ways to make your store displays of our clothing effective and creative. 


Styling can be everything. When it comes to who you want to target, styling can make or break that connection with the consumer. Take the time to do some research and see what your target market is dressing like. Style trends change quickly and if you’re not up to speed you could be missing potential sales. GQ, Esquire, and Pinterest are great resources to follow trends and find inspiration for your styling. Sometimes your best option is to keep it simple and let the product do the talking. Oxford, Alabama’s very own On Time have a beautiful display set up for our Blu Martini – Lark Sport Coat!

floral sport coat


We understand that you sell more than just our products. Take the opportunity of displaying our suits to up-sell your other, non-competitive, goods. Mayo’s Suit World in Sumter, South Carolina has perfected this. Their display for our Blu Martini – Lark Sport Coat is up-selling socks and shoes that match perfectly with our jacket to create a cohesive look. It’s a one stop shop for any customer!floral sport coat store display

Show a Whole Outfit

The easier you make it for someone to visualize themselves in our goods the more likely they are to buy. Showing a whole outfit doesn’t only give the consumers a great visual interpretation of what they will look like but it may also create a lifestyle or story for them as well. They can see the suit and picture what they would be doing in it or where they would wear it. Maybe it’s the wedding they having coming up or a new outfit they want to mix up the work week with. Either way, showcasing the whole outfit with accessories is a great idea for an in-store display. 

3 suits store display


Keep Sending Us Your Pictures!

Send us your store displays of our brands to your sales rep and we will keep posts like this coming! Make sure to give our post on taking quality pictures with your phone a read and send us some pics!


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