3 Easy Steps to Increasing Your Brick-and-Mortar Customer Experience

How many times have you walked into a store, or browsed an online site, and thought that either the people are miserable, the links don’t work, nothing’s organized, and got so frustrated that you vowed to never give them your time again? I have, and it pisses me off to no extent. It’s not difficult to create an engaging customer experience. Put yourself in your consumers shoes. If you were to walk into your store, or shop your site, would you be attracted? Would you feel comfortable? Is finding what you need easy? If you answered no to any of those questions, it’s time to switch it up. If you answered no to all those questions, it’s time to turn everything upside down and reposition your customer experience. For this post we’re going to focus on brick-and-mortar locations. Let’s jump to it. how to increase customer engagement



Is Your Store Easy to Navigate? 

An organized, easy to navigate store is at the fore front of the customer experience. In today’s world, the consumer knows what they want and they want it now. You may be thinking that if a consumer knows what they want why not just shop online? Consumers like to touch products, try them on, and enjoy the fact that they can get what they want immediately. An easily navigable store creates a seamless experience for the consumer that already knows what they need. 72% of young customers do research before even stepping into a store. These consumers are already informed and are looking for a quick in-and-out. Tailor your store so that groups of products are listed and easy to find.

 How Informed are Your Employees?

Having educated and enthusiastic employees is an integral part in the customer’s experience. They are the face of your business. Take time investing in their education. A study conducted by TimeTrade of 1,000 consumers showed that 90% of consumers say they are somewhat or extremely likely to make a purchase when they receive assistance from a knowledgeable store associate. When they come to the store for answers, it’s because they weren’t able to find it themselves. If your staff is not in the position to fix their problems you will be losing potential sales. 84% of customers are frustrated if they can’t get the information they need and 13% of those customers are likely to tell up to 15 people they were unhappy with their experience! Make a presentation of key need-to-knows of your business. Break down the terminology and quick fixes for the most common problems. This will give your employees a great foundation to build off while gaining experience.  

increasing ROI with customer experience in retail locations 



Is Your Atmosphere Boring?

I love certain stores solely because of the atmosphere they create. I may not even have the intention of buying anything but when a store creates a exciting atmosphere and portrays a lifestyle I want to live I’m more likely to walk out with a purchase. Have your store embody the lifestyle you’re selling. Add music, hang posters, get POS displays from brands you carry. This will create a place customers are happy to buy from.


Customer experience is expected to take over price and product as the key tactic to differentiating you from your competition by the year 2020. Put yourself in your customers shoes and ask yourself the tough questions. It isn’t difficult to create a great customer experience. It just takes a little bit of time. Once you master these 3 beginning steps, look into beginning a loyalty program or establishing omni-channel marketing.



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