motivating employees

Increase Productivity by Motivating Employees

Motivate Employees Your store’s greatest asset are the employees. Happy employees are 12% more productive according to a study by the United Kingdom’s Warwick University. By investing in your sales force and their education you are increasing productivity, boosting efficiency, and creating a better overall customer experience. Here are 3 effective ways to motivate employees. Incentives […]

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Digital Marketing

Competing in a Digital World

Digital Marketing In order to compete in today’s market, you must have an online presence. Retail physical “footsteps” are declining but there is an enormous amount of digital “footsteps” to gain. You need to adopt an omnichannel marketing strategy to compete. You have to be everywhere the consumer is and are going. Starting with them […]

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Instagram Marketing

How to Get The Most Out of Your Instagram Marketing

500 Million Monthly Users Instagram is boasting a huge growth in monthly users and Millennials ages 18-35 are dominating the platform at 55%. This is a marketing medium that can’t be ignored. Though the reach looks amazing, Instagram’s algorithm can be very limiting. Instagram wants to create a user experience that is very tailored and […]

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